Case studies

The i-Five project encompasses the three case studies in France, Germany and The Netherlands, respectively. Although each case study has very distinct features, they have goals, activity types, and deliverables in common. Each case concerns a WFD implementation process at a sub-basin level in which the I-Five researchers will actively participate. For each case, this process and its institutional context will be mapped out while paying specific attention to the relations between different spatial and administrative scales. The i-Five Framework for Analysis will identify which aspects need to be described and which questions need to be addressed, and will provide some methodological guidance while allowing sufficient flexibility in case study approach to adapt to local context.

France: Bassin de Thau

The French case study will focus on methods and tools to support the local water commission of the Thau lagoon area in a process of developing a water management plan. The researchers from Cemagref will develop these methods and tools jointly with the local water commission and its administrative and technical staff, aiming to facilitate collection, integration and transfer of knowledge across the commissionís various working groups.

Germany: Lower Weser

The German case study will focus on area cooperations as means for direct stakeholder involvement in water management. It will also assess the recent initiative of setting up a water agency, a new institution similar to the French Agence de líeau and the Dutch Waterschap. The case study area will be the lower part of the Weser river basin, located in Lower Saxony in North-West Germany.
Case description:  in English  auf Deutsch

The Netherlands: Brabantse Delta

The Dutch case study will focus on the WFD implementation process in the Dutch part of the Meuse basin and more specifically in the area of Waterboard Brabantse Delta. The case study will focus on the WFD Explorer, a decision support system (DSS) for setting environmental objectives and developing the programme of measures.
Case description:  in English  in het Nederlands

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